Here at Jukebox Repairs and Servicing, we repair all types of jukebox. This includes vinyl, CD and digital jukeboxes.

Unlike traditional repair services, we will come to you. This keeps the costs and repair times down!

For any questions or to get a quote, please get in touch!

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Vintage Jukebox

Key Features

Vinyl, CD and Digital

We will repair any type of jukebox that you have. Vinyl, CD or digital, we can do it all!

I will come to you!

Save the hassle of shipping your jukebox out for repair. We will come to you and repair at your convenience!

Not Just Jukeboxes!

We will repair the full range of leisure equipment. Jukeboxes, bandits, pool tables etc. If you have it we will repair it!

Vintage Jukebox

Our most common repairs are some of the following:

  • Laser problems
  • Records sticking
  • Selection problems
  • Page problems
  • Sound problems
  • Restorations to damaged equipment
  • Not paying out
  • Not accepting coins
  • No display/picture
  • Torn pool cloths
  • Pinball ball jams
  • Many more problems…
Get in touch with any problems, and we will get you a quote promptly.